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Tenders, 2/15/2012

MINI-COMPETITION FORM defining the Consultancy services for the provision of short term technical assistance in the forest sector through a framework contract covering Asia, Latin America and Africa for the period of 2011-2012


Unit for Asia and Oceania


Project code:

Assignment number:

Year 2012

Assignment title, Country

Programme Formulation
Cooperation in Forest Sector in Lao PDR in 2013-2016


Programme Formulation
Cooperation in Forest Sector in Lao PDR in 2013-2016

Type of the mission

 Programme Formulation

Difficulty level of the assignment;

The estimated difficulty level of the assignment requires the following N:o of Personnel


N:o of Personnel

Senior Expert (over 12 years of experience)


Expert (5-12 years of experience


Length of the assignment

30 working days between March – May 2012 (amount of working days is indicative)

Detailed specification of assignment

Minimum requirements for the team:
• The Team Leader shall have at least one similar programme formulation assignment in a leading position.
• All team members shall have working knowledge of written and spoken English.
• At least one team members shall have fluency in Laotian.
• At least one proposed team member is included in the list of personnel in the Framework Contract HELM134-18.

Selection criteria
* Programme formulation and participatory planning of sector level cooperation (0-20 points)
* Forest sector development (0-25 points):
Forest sector strategies, policies, institutions, cooperation and political context in Lao PDR
Community/participatory forest management models
REDD+, climate change and development co-operation linkage
Forest sector Institutional strengthening and reforms
PES and Benefit Sharing
* Finnish and European Union development policies, including cross-cutting objectives (promotion of gender and social equality, human rights and equal participation opportunities of easily marginalized groups and HIV/AIDS as a development challenge) (0-10 points)
* Experience on rural development, particularly related to land tenure / rights (0-10 points)
* Donor harmonisation and alignment, joint financing arrangements, use of country systems and programme management models (0-10 points)
* Experience in working in Lao PDR and/or Mekong region (0-10 points)
* Methodology, Work Plan (including time allocation of each expert) and availability of the team, max. 5 pages (0-15 points)



Required deliverables

The Consultant shall deliver the following deliverables within the response time specified in this assignment form:
Inception Report
Debriefings as specified in Terms of Reference
Draft Programme Document
Final Programme Document
Report on planning process and critical issues


Tender of the mini-competition shall be received by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland not later than 16:00 (GMT +2) on 28 February 2012



Contact persons in Ministry





Eeva LehtinenUnit for Asia and Oceania+358 9 160 56363

Signature of the Ministry

Place and date

Helsinki, 10.2.2012


Johan Schalin
Director, Unit for Asia and Oceania

Other attachments

Annex 1 Terms of Reference
Annex 2 CV-template

Return address

By e-mail to the contact person (

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Updated 2/15/2012

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